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Alfred Chicken
Mindscape Inc.
Arcade Pool
Team 17
Bubba 'n' Stix
Core Design Limited
Chaos Engine, The
Deep Core
International Computer Entertainment Ltd. (ICE)
Defender of the Crown Extended Collector's Edition
Global Effect
Heimdall 2
Core Design Limited
John Barnes European Football
Krisalis Software Ltd (Buzz)
Liberation: Captive II
Mindscape Inc.
Mean Arenas
International Computer Entertainment Ltd. (ICE)
Nick Faldo's Championship Golf
Pinball Fantasies
21st Century Entertainment
Sensible Soccer: European Champions
Renegade Software
Simon the Sorcerer
Adventure International UK Ltd (Adventure Soft (UK) Ltd)
Theme Park
Mindscape Inc.
Trivial Pursuit
Whale's Voyage
Flair Software
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Photo/scan, box + content
Photo/scan, single content
Scan, box/inlay, front
Scan, box/inlay, back
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