Latest release updates
Release notes
03.05.2022Bugfixes, new submitting guidelines, eBay listing uploads working again, submitters can now disable/enable their own uploaded images, standalone/compilation filter, bootleg filter.
07.04.2019Moved to new platform hosted by SLC! Miscellaneous bug fixes and new systems.
01.04.2018Ebay price logging feature for submitters. Prices are visible for any logged in user. New 'Hardware' type for game entries + search filter. 3d box rotate fix.
28.03.2018Password recovery function. We are sad to report that Hoxy, one of our submitters, has passed away. His contribution to the site was important and will be available for collectors hopefully forever.
16.04.2015Search filter with own/want/incoming - year searching.
13.04.2015Searchable publisher dropdown, sorting, export improvement, and some submitter enhancements.
17.10.2014Publisher page enhancements, region filters in collection areas, new icons, performance improvements.
12.10.2014Better collection views for own, want, trade and incoming. Embedded Youtube. Some bugfixes.
07.10.2014Compilations filtering, multisystem flag, bugfixes, and other improvements.
25.04.2014New search option for type, bootleg indication + some bugfixes.
23.04.2014New simpler box types, search for box, and size info per release + some bugfixes.
16.02.2014Enhancements to publisher info, one level activation and some speedups.
12.03.2013Some bug fixes and updates to chat features. Improved performance on collection editing. Preservers can now see list of preserved games.
13.01.2013New C64 tapes preservation features! Please contact us if you want to submit RAW tape dumps.
27.12.2012New page from Collection page where you can see/show your collection (filtered per system and starting with a char/number). Also an incoming link.
17.12.2012Browse improvements, some UI updates, and try ?3d in title search! :)
16.12.2012Misc bug fixes, some performance improvements and filtered totals on collection page. Over 7000 C64 releases! :)
02.09.2012Several performace improvements for browsers supporting html5 (anything but IE9), new member chat, filter improvements.
06.04.2012UI improvements and new 3d box view feature. Trade match improvements.
29.03.2012Gallery feature for seeing known releases.
23.03.2012Some small updates, users have a new option to receive a newsletter which is on by default for all users.
04.03.2012All non-verified releases are now visible for all members! Media filter on collection statistics. Want/trade pages grouped by media. Game count stats on front page. Some UI improvements. 4500 C64 releases in database and 500 Vic20!
04.12.2011Media filter on publisher page. Also passed 1000 active C64 releases. Hurrah!
15.09.2011New dynamic height layout and chat for submitters as well as some tweaks here and there!
15.08.2011New "My Trades" button on Collection to get a quick overview of what a user has for trade.
14.08.2011Loads of new C64 titles! Now you can Google +1 us! Some minor fixes.
07.07.2011Some minor updates and a lot of new scans added! We also welcome Hoxy to the team!
29.06.2011New random cover image on Home page. Almost 700 c64 releases now!
18.05.2011Some minor visual and usability updates. Soon 600 c64 and 150 vic20 releases!
24.03.2011New region flags icons! 542 C64, 127 Vic20 and 41 C16 releases so far. More added on a daily basis.
30.12.2010Happy new year all! Some small enhancements and more titles shown in publisher tables now.
06.12.2010Miscellaneous bug fixes and features. Soon 350 C64 releases and Vic20 is also taking shape. Thanks to Frank at GTW64 for scans!
18.11.2010Fixed some compilation issues and some user interface updates as well as new admin interface.
14.11.2010Added ability to add compilations (first iteration). We also have a new submitter, welcome Meaty!
05.10.2010Added user profile editing and ability to see any users collection (private collection coming soon).
01.10.2010Updates to submitter interface and watermarking of largest images. We also got a new C64 submitter on the team! Thank you Quapil!
28.09.2010We wish to thank Peepo for allowing us to use his C64 scans for our site! It will speed up our submitting process greatly!
24.09.2010Some minor updates on submitting and other places. Close to 250 complete C64 releases now! (250 more to come soon!)
14.08.2010Major rewrite of pages and new browse layout as well as some new features (new users can now register).
15.05.2010Some game submitting enhancements.
05.04.2010Layout updates, new icons for admins, collection update, IE compatible.
03.04.2010New Publisher view and collection summary as well as some tweaks and cosmetic changes.
27.02.2010Thumbnail generation, remember scrollbar pos. Activate levels, Missing In Action and Not Released states.
22.02.2010Minor updates and added simple trade/wanted list on each release.
18.12.2009Media filters work now (still not system adapted), release status logging added and listed, simple statistics.
17.12.2009Collector interface in browse added as well as reworked add game/release pages for submitters.
11.11.2009User login system developed as well as main top menu.
09.11.2009New home page established and thumbnail image browsing per release.
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